Commenting & Rating Tool

Dominate YouTube

  • Post Comments To Videos Post comments directly to videos to promote your offers or simulate activity.
  • Smart Replies Reply to one of the top comments that will give you maximum visibility.
  • Persistent Commenting The persistent commenting feature allows you to have comments that are ghosted or deleted re-posted, if enabled for the comment.
  • Respond to a specific comment Allows users to specify a comment ID to respond to when smart reply is enabled. This is to help those doing the 500 reply method, or something similar.
  • Upvote / Thumbs-up Automatically upvote/thumbs up comments and comment replies for even greater visibility.
  • Multi-Channel Support Supports the usage of multiple channels on a single account.
  • And do it all... FAST YouTube Comment Blaster uses pure web requests, so everything is done blazing fast. It also comes with unlimited multi-threading, allowing you to process thousands of comments with ease.

Commenting & Rating Combined

YTCB allows users to easily create commenting tasks that will allow them to post comments directly to videos, or as replies to one of the top comments, as well as optionally up-vote them automatically after they are posted.

Pure HTTP WebRequests

No browsers, just blazing fast & secure emulation.

Multi-Threading Support

Run an unlimited amount of threads to greatly speed up commenting & rating.

Public & Private Proxy Support

Supports both public and private proxies along with Username/Password Proxy Authentication.

Spintax Support

Comments can be spun & previewed with the built-in Spintax Preview feature.

Frequent Updates

YTCB will be updated regularly with additional features that will improve the overall experience.


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